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Can't create new catalog file - Such a bummer

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OSX 10.6.8

Retrospect 6.1.230

SAS connected LTO5 Drive


I keep running into an issue when trying to create new catalog files.


I'll open retrospect, go to backup, select a source (San Partition via fibre) and then go to create a new catalog file. The app asks for a password then when the the 'save to location' dialogue box is supposed to pop up, it immidiately gets railroaded by the previous window and locks me out. I can't click anything, not ok, not create not close. I'm forced to force-quit the app.


The only way around this has been to restart the computer and the issue goes away, however, if the computer has been on for a bit, the issue arises.


Thinking this might have been a permissions issue, but oddley, if I keep force quitting and retrying, like 5 or so times the issues goes away.


Any help out there?

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