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Restore Catch-22

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I've run into a major issue with Restoring under V9.


When I try to restore, when I get to the point of selecting and searching the source (I'm looking for specific file extensions within one media set), nothing is found. I know there are files with this extension within this backup set. Reason no files show-the media set is locked. Easy to fix (although for some reason RS takes 2-5 minutes to unlock it). It would be nice if there was an option at this point to unlock the storage set, but one has to bail on the restore and then from the console unlock the set and start the restore selection process all over again. This seems like a bug to me.


The problem is that once the source is unlocked, selecting "Restore' beachballs for forever (hours). I can see through activity monitor that the CPU is running full tilt (engine), but it even shows that the Console is "not responding". Only a force quite returns control.


Other media sets can be restored from (after unlocking them), but not this one. All media sets are "Disk" type. The media set that doesn't work was certainly a V8 creation. I have recataloged it and rebuilt it, to no avail. I can either unlock it and beachball the restore, or restore from other sets, but not restore from this set.


Any hints or solutions here?



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The "selecting restore beachballs" is a known issue that should likely be fixed in the first update to Retrospect 9 (whenever that comes out ... hopefully very soon now...) From what I remember about this (I remember reporting it), it's a problem with large media sets created in V8. Media sets created in V9 were not showing this issue -- but it might be more of a "large" media set issue than a V8-created issue...)


The "can't restore when locked" behavior, though, is there with v8 as well. I've always had to unlock the media set before attempting a manual restore (though that's a good feature request if you want to submit it...)

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What I remember (from posting the bug report) is that *eventually* the restore wizard will work and you can select things. The problem is that if you have other concurrent activities running, the restore wizard (I think) has to wait until that activity is done. So, a workaround for a restore would be to stop/start the engine and then pause all scripts so you can do the restore. Then resume all scripts after you get the restore finished.


However, Retrospect has tweeted earlier today that a maintenance update for Mac v9.0 is "pending sign-off", so maybe "9.0.1" will be out in the next day or so...

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