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Retrospect 9 can't see LTO-4 SCSI tape library

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Oh my Retrospect 9 woes continue. Retrospect 9 (319) can't see LTO-4 (SCSI) tape library. I've tried rebooting Xserve. I've tried rebooting tape library.


Server Hardware

Apple Xserve Intel (Model Identifier: Xserve2,1), 4GB RAM.

Mac OS 10.7.3 Server

Atto Technology ExpresPCI UL5D PCI SCSI card


Tape Library

HP StorageWorks MSL4048 2 LTO-4 Ultrium 1840 Tape Library (SCSI)

Product ID: MSL G3 Series

Currently Installed Library Firmware: 7.80 / 3.10e


Anyone got any suggestions?








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I think I fixed the problem by removing and re-seating the SCSI cable. It was odd that Retrospect could see the LTO-4 drive but not the library.

I have a faint memory of something similar a few years ago: Retrospect saw the tape drive but not the loader. I think the SCSI terminator was the culprit.
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