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Backup/restore on demand greyed out

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I have Retrospect 9.0.0 (319) Multi Server w/Unlimited Clients installed on an Xserve running OS X 10.5.8 Server. We back up our user machines using a Proactive Backup script. It's working generally quite well, but I have one issue I'd like to address. In the Clients panel of Retrospect Preferences, the "Backup on demand to" and "Restore on demand" choices are greyed out and can't be selected. All of the choices above that are selectable and are in fact selected. Any ideas as to why the "on demand" choices are unavailable?


Thanks in advance...

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IIRC, if these were clients installed *before* you upgraded to Retrospect 9, you have to remove and read the clients to the Source list to activate that.


Also, in the Console preferences, you have to go to the Clients preference and make sure the appropriate boxes are checked, too.

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