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Dear santa, please give them a course on how to test software

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I'm getting very, very frustrated on the lack of quality in the scheduler for Retrospect.


After restarting the Retrospect server process, somehow my connection to a share changed from /Volumes/myvolume to /Volumes/myvolume-1. So I had to re-locate the media sets on that volume which resulted in loosing the schedules for those media sets.

And that is just ridiculous.


Next I find that setting an end time for a schedule doesn't work for one specific line, but for all scheduled backups in a script. If that's the case, then why can I set the stop info per schedule?

Come on guys, fix this.

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And that is just ridiculous.



Even worse, the cause was a mix of user-error and unavoidable operating system behavior.


See, the name of the share was changed by OSX, not by Retrospect.


But it was avoidable if you hadn't mounted myvolume on the Engine host machine as user 501 (or similar) before then expecting/asking Retrospect to mount the same volume as user 0.


OSX won't allow the a volume of the same name to be mounted by different users, so OS X will append the unique string ("-1" in this first instance) to the mount point.

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Your assumption is partly correct. Only this time I didn't mount the volume, because you explained that to me in another thread.


But what really bugs me is that Retrospect just deletes valuable info in the setup, leaving me to wonder what settings I had created.

Of course I could restore a backup from the Retrospect settings (yes, I do make those), but that would probably leave me in the same situation.


Behavior like this makes Retrospect really a tool that needs way too much attention to keep it up and running. Those hours can be spent on other tasks. And who has to pay the bill for those hours?

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