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Error 1017 on Netapp

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Multi Server 7.6.123 on Win 2003 R2


Target share on Netapp FAS2020 - 3 shares the account has full access to each share.


Looking for alittle help, after a few hours of searching all I found was the MS VSS problem. Problem is the Netapp isnt a MS device volume shadow copy doesnt apply. Is there away to tell Retrospect to ignore the permission? Thanks in advance

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In Retrospect parlance, the target is a "Backup set". A Backup Set can have "Members". If it is a "Disk" backup set, then each member is (part of) a disk.


You haven't said anything about the source.

You haven't said anything about where the error occurs.

You haven't said much about anything.


Can you please describe your problem in (much) more detail.?

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