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Can I read storage sets created in v6.1 (or earlier) in version 9?

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Hi there, I need to know the answer to this question before we go ahead and upgrade our working backup system. 1) Can I read storage sets created in v6.1 (or earlier) in version 9? Do retrievals actually work?
The short answer: Yes.


The longer, but not definitive, answer: Retrospect 9 will convert your Retrospect 6.1 Backup Sets to a Retrospect 9 File Media Set. From that, you can use Retrospect 9 to retrieve files.


I have not pursued this capability further because I found it would be of limited utility in my environment.


Limitations of "Reading Retrospect 6.1 Backup Sets using Retrospect 9":


1) Must convert the Backup Set to a Media Set. This takes many hours.


2) Contrary to the documentation, Retrospect 9 does NOT just make a catalog of the Backup Set, it actually creates a new File Media Set. This takes as much space as the original Set.


So, in summary, it seems to work, but I have done only a limited test.


I suggest you download and install a Trial of Retrospect 9 to see if it meets your needs.



Retrospect 9 Trial

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