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Upgrading From Retrospect 6.1 To 9

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Downloaded the trial version of Retrospect 9, and rebuilt the 6.1 back up that I have. Result is a File Media Set. Documentation recommends using the Disk Media Set form. So that begs the question - is it possible to convert the File Media Set into a Disk Media Set? Can't seem to find any mention of this in the documentation or release notes. Any guidance from the forum?




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Thanks, Lenart - I had previously found that post,




but there was no detail and the specific actions were puzzling me, so I just jumped in and tried something that looked appropriate. Created a Disk Media Set, created a new folder on my backup disk as a media for this new Disk Media Set, and used the COPY function to copy my old File Media Set backup to the new File Media Set. It's been happily chunking away for a couple of hours so far - 400 GB to convert. Lots of ~600MB files being created as expected.

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