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Bmr_Wizard Hangs

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I have a WIN 7 Pro system with ALL SATA 2 drives. My backup files are on an external USB drive. I'm trying to recover my C drive which is an internal SATA drive. I have been using Retrospect 7.7 and burned the recovery disk iso that came with it.


If I try to boot from the recovery disk with my USB backup drive turned off, it gets as far as starting up bmr-wizard.exe and hangs there.


If I try to boot with the USB drive on, it does actually boot up. However, it assigns drive letter "C" to my USB drive and doesn't recognize any of my SATA internal drives. Yes, I did tell it to LOAD drivers and pointed it to the drivers that came with my MOBO.


I did a fresh install of WIN 7 Pro on a spare drive and the computer runs fine. I'm tempted to install Retrospect 7.7 on this new install and try rebuilding my old C drive that way. I've thoroughly tested the old C drive and it is fine. It's just that WIN 7 is corrupted and won't boot. STARTUP Recover claims it can't fix it, so my only option is to restore it from a known good Retrospect backup.


Any comments or suggestions?


I've been a Retrospect user since it first came out for the Mac in the early 90's and have used it after switching to PCs. However, after a week of frustration (and wife-nagging-me) trying to get a single lousy C drive restored, I'm very close to ditching it and getting some other more reliable software for backups.




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It would if the restore cd would boot without a usb drive connected. The problem is, that if I disconnect the USB drive before booting, the recover cd hangs. The screen shows the command prompt window and the command "bmr-wizard.exe" is the last command entered and it never completes.



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