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Retro 9 Sitting Idle?


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Much like its predecessor, Retro 9 seems to be showing some of the same quirks, slowdowns and annoyances of its former past.

Case in point. I have a proactive script set to run 24 hours. It has 7 clients. Currently in the proactive activity tab, it says that its "waiting for next backup" and its set to occur "Today at 8:58am"

Well its 3pm right now and it still hasnt @#^& run!


When I flip over to the Running activity tab, absolutely nothing is happening. The whole server is just sitting there DEAD IDLE.





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Guest Steve Maser

If your proactive script has 7 clients in it -- if you look in the Activities list -- have any of the client backups within that script run?


What if you stop/start the engine again?

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Guest Steve Maser

What happens if you do either of the following:


1) change the schedule of an upcoming activity so that the date is right now?


2) Delete the past activities for one of the clients?



I find that #2 seems to put an activity in "ASAP" mode and usually kicks the backup off fairly quickly.




also -- how many proactive scripts do you have concurrently running?


(Also -- just to confirm -- you don't have the "pause proactive" button accidentally hit, do you?)

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