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Disaster Recovery - Lessons Learnt


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Hi all,


My Windows 7 laptop went in to BSOD and the hard disk made a chattering noise... dead laptop. Bought new hard disk and had system working in a couple of hours. Lessons learnt:


1. Keep a copy of you "catalog" with your Retrospect back-up files.

2. Do not plug-in your back-up disk (mine connected by USB) until you have booted with your Retropect ISO disk and Retrospect is active. If you start with the back-up disk plugged-in it will take C: drive letter which you want for your replacement hard disk.

3. First thing to do is to partition your new hard disk.

4. Retrospect will appear to have stopped working towards the end of the restore. Have patience. I didn't and had to repeat the entire process!!

5. My restore was at 1GB/min (75GB in just over an hour), ymmv.

6. When the system is restored and you start your machine as usual go into Retrospect and point any scripts at the new hard drive.


A very happy camper.



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