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  1. Towards the end. It appeared to "do" the first 10 files and then fail whilst trying to do the next two. I'll try my ISO out and report back.
  2. It worked on my laptop! Would it be that my Desktop runs off an SSD? Pete
  3. Just tried again and still no luck. Saving the ISO file fails on Error 0 and creating a bootable USB stick says it has successfully completed but there is nothing on the stick. I'll try my laptop and see if that does it where my desktop fails. Thanks for your help. Pete
  4. Hi all, Just upgrade from R10 to R11. W10 ADK loaded but Retrospect fails with "Disaster Recovery preparation completed with errors" and the log file says "Can't continue execution, error 0 (unknown). Any one any ideas? Pete
  5. Annual Support and Maintenance - It's one of the Retrospect Add Ons. Never had it myself but YMMV. Pete
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