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Problems Using Existing Volumes On Replacement Drive

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My hard drive started to fail. So, I bought a new larger one. Using Seagate's DiskWizard I cloned my orginal drive to the new drive and removed the failing drive. Seagate's DiskWizard essentially copies the partitions verbatim from old failing drive to the new larger drive. The only difference is the new drives (partitions) are different in size. They have the same drive letter, same volume names, same file system and the same files.


The problem is when I went to use Retrospect to back up the new disk using the existing backup scripts (which are unchanged), it gives me an error message that the "Subvolume XXXXXX is unavailable" please insert its volume and try again." It is not recognizing the previously defined drives and and volumes now that they are on a new disk. Again, the only real difference is the Drives/Volumes are on a new disk. The Volumes Database shows duplicates for every drive (partition) that was on the previous disk (C:, D: and H:). See attached screen shot. The properties for each of the drives is identical other than the physical size and the fact the drive from the original hard disk is shown as "off-line".


How can I get Retrospect to recognize the new drive as the same original drive/volumes that were on the original disk. There was a lot of work that went into setting up all of the sub-volumes, files to back up, etc. Plus, if I create new volumes I'm afraid that they won't correlate to the original volumes and files on the backups that I have. And that would be an issue.


I have searched help, the online knowledge-base, the internet, but I'm unable to find anything about the issue or how to resolve it.


Your help would be appreciated.




Windows XP Professional SP3

Retrospect 7.6.123

Drive Update and Hot Fix

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It isn't the same disk, it is two disks with some common properties.


Retrospect tries very hard to keep your backups. Think about this scenario:

You have two drives with similar properties.

You have a disk backup set.

You have set grooming to keep the 5 last backups.

One of the two drives was offline for six backups.

Grooming has occurred.

Now, if Retrospect treaded the two drives as the same one, all the backups from the (temporarily) offline drive would be GONE!


Conclusion: Treating the two different drives as two different drives is a good thing.


You will simply have to bite the bullet and redo your setup.


Speaking of your setup: You seem to have a complex setup. This may be the time to think over WHY you have such a complex setup. You might want to simplify things.

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