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I Need To Get Retro To See My External Drives For Restore

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I am in deep doda and need my recovery shell to find the external hd where the fileset is located. How can I do this? This is my last hope


I have a HP 1330n desktop with XP SP3

Trojan took it out had to reformat hd.

Have a backup and have a recovery cd but it does not see the external drives.

I tried to install orig OEM recovery set but they fail saying not the right model (I bought this PC new HP sent me these recovery cd set after the class action suit) this HP set does not work.


My only choice here is to get retro restore shell to see the external drives.


Any help for this?


I did find a retro restore cd I made 4 years ago with a good windows system. It will boot into WIndows. I still need to get the restore shell to see the external drives. Is there a way of doing something to make it see them?




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Not really.


This is just a user-to-user discussion. If you have a support agreement, call Retrospect support. If you don't, buy a "support incident" and then call Retrospect support.


I just booted into a good Windows system. I am updating now and with luck I can install Retro and restore the backup.


I will post my results.


Roxio is now the owner of Retrospect does that affect those who bought it from EMC?

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Please do!




Ok got a good windows the drive was formatted and a new OS put down and retrospect is in disaster recovery mode. I see the external disc and hit restore. It asks me where I want to restore to. The drive name is different now because the drive was formatted. This is no trouble as I pick the new location which is Local Disc ©. It was called HP Pavillion System but after format that is no more.

My question when I hit restore it shows a total of 133gb in the backup but is only restoring 1gb saying the rest of the files are on Local Disk ©

How can this be? The drive was formatted so there should not be any files. Even if they did not get wiped can I not set Retro to force overwrite all files?


I am lost

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