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Bug: Searching For Sources By Tag Omits Tagged Favorites

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Page 10 of the Retrospect User's Guide Addendum provides steps to view tagged sources, and ends with the assertion "All sources with the “laptop” tag are displayed."


While Volumes with a tag that matches the search criteria will show, Favorites similarly tagged will not.




Sources->Tags: create a tag "test"

Click on Add Favorites in the List View Toolbar

Navigate to any folder within the volume and click "Add to Favorite Folders"

Click "Done"

Select newly created Favorite and check the "test" tag


Click on the "+" icon in the Scope Bar

In the Filter Toolbar select "Tags" & "Contains" from the popup menus, then type "test" into the text field.

Press Return

Note nothing is displayed.


Delete text and press return to display all Sources again

Select the boot volume of the Engine host machine and check the "test" tag

Again type "test" into the Filter Toolbar "Tags contains" text field

Press Return

Note the tagged Volume is shown

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Guest Steve Maser

Really? My configuration file is from the beta, but I haven't installed the release on a clean machine yet.



Correct. I'm seeing "test" work if I set "test" as a tag for the *internal engine hard disk* volume (but not for any favorite folders on the same volume).


But none of my *clients* are showing if I tag either their volumes or their favorite folders. Other client search options work, however.


I haven't tried a clean-install config80.dat file, though.


- Steve

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But none of my *clients* are showing if I tag either their volumes or their favorite folders


Ahhh. I hadn't tried that (which is why it's not in my steps to reproduce!).


Tags can't replace Retrospect Classic's Folders and Groups without the ability to easily see what's been tagged.

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