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Retrospect 9 Client Upgrade Issue With 10.7 Firewall

Guest Steve Maser

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Guest Steve Maser

It's entirely possible this is also a 10.6 issue, but I didn't check as all my clients are now running 10.7.2...



If you have the Mac OSX 10.7.2 firewall on, when you upgrade the Retrospect 9 client (either manually or via "push" upgrade from the Retrospect 9 console), you will be prompted to "allow retroclient" through the firewall.


EVEN AFTER YOU ACCEPT THAT -- you must restart your computer for the firewall change to take effect.


The Retro 9 client installer does not prompt for a restart, so be aware of this (especially if you plan on doing a "push" upgrade of your clients)

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How about with the Server, a SL (OS X 10.6.8, Build 10K549) machine (my Host MacMini as shown below in the signature) with a 10.6 OS and Firewall?


I have added the server manually as a client, with firewall on and restarted it. Added a Lion Client and did a restart on that client machine also. Then ran Retro 9 and trying to add the two clients. The Lion Client is recognized beautifully, but the local machine is not recognized, with a password error, though it was manually found.


It was not found via Multicast- that part may related to your bug/discussion. But can you explain why the password issue?


Do I need to start over? I've done this twice.


Without a client (but with the local media sources) I can only do copies, not backups of the Server machine. This is not good. :blink:




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Guest Steve Maser

What I just did...


Grabbed the "config80.dat" file from my production 8.2 machine and moved it to my test 9.0 machine (engine stopped)


Started the engine after replacing the config80.dat file (and removing the .bak file) -- entered my trial multi-server serial number (now due to expire on 12/19 -- so they must give you more than 30 days to test this...) Located my test Retro 9 media set catalog file and deleted all my proactive scripts/production media sets that won't run on this test machine


Then did a manual backup of a favorite folder from one of my 10.7.2 *server* machines to this media set (FF browsed as expected prior to this.)


And the backup wizard backup worked exactly as expected.


Note: I didn't remove/readd this server clients -- and clients are still at 6.3 at this point. And I did not restart the client machine or otherwise touch that server. And this is not a "clean install" of the engine.



What steps are different for you? Just a "clean install" of the engine serial number and an add of the server client? Is the server still at the 6.3 client?

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