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in the manuals is stated that:

Retrospect has a feature, found in the Options tab of a Media Set, called

Fast Catalog Rebuild where, every time it starts a tape after the first in a Media

Set, it writes the current Catalog to the beginning of that tape. This speeds

rebuilding of the Catalog by only requiring the last piece of media belonging to

the Tape Media Set to be scanned by Retrospect. The Fast Catalog Rebuild op-

tion can also be used on Disk Media Sets that don’t have grooming turned on.



does this mean that i only have to 'rebuild' the last tape of every media set?

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If you had that option set, yes, you need only the last tape.



okay ... thanks for pointing things out.


i can't remember if i've had that option set.

but i managed to find a catalog folder in one of my back ups.

in that folder i discovered a file called: 'archive dat 05.rbc'

my first serie of back ups were saved in a media set that consisted 5 dat-tapes.

since i can't find archive dat 01,archive dat 02, archive DAT3 and archive DAT 04, doe sit mean that all catalog-info is save at DAT05?

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