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Retrospect Old Bu Sets On Dvd _Help!

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Hi, I am running Retrospect 6.0 on MAC OSX 10.2.8 (yes it is old but I came into this situation). These back-ups go back 10 plus years!! I need to pull files from time to time and my DVD burner is starting to have dirty head issues. New Lacie DVD burner can be seen by Retrospect but it will not configure, Where can I find this famed retrospect compatibility list????


Also I upgraded to 6.1 on another MAC running 10.4.11 to test the new burner and it failed there as well.......I don't use Retrospect anymore except to pull old files so I just need to prop it up for a year or so.....please send advice!!!


Retrospect 6.0

MAC OSX 10.28


RDU 5.2.101




Retrosspect 6.1

MAC OSX 10.4.11



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