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Restarted Server And Retrospect Configuration Is Gone

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Pretty straight forward. I restarted my server, no software installs, no firmware updates; I had a process that wouldn't stop (RichCopy) so I rebooted.


When I restarted Retrospect, it was as if it was a new install, asking me for a license code. ALL my clients, volumes, everything but my backups and my catalogs are gone.


Any thoughts on if the 'preferences' file is still around or how I can recover from this? I really don't want the over head or re-configuring everything from scratch.


We have a support contract but apparently support doesn't work on the weekend.



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Thanks! Unfortunately, the .bak has the same date as the .dat... yesterday's, the day i restarted the server.

Very frustrating.

Yes, it's frustrating. This happens "sometimes" for "some" users. I have no idea what triggers it.


You have to restore the files from a backup.

Don't have a backup? Then, unfortunately, I think you have to reconfigure everything from scratch.

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Sorry to hear. :(


It might help to schedule a regular backup of the "Retrospect" location (identified above by Lennart) and the location of your catalog files (usually called "Retrospect Catalog Files") to a backup set on a different disk. That will make it easier to set things back up should this ever occur again.

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