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Script Source/destination Changes Randomly

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We have the Retrospect 8.2 server with 20 clients with the latest version. There is a major problem with the scripts. I have a script A that copy from computer A's folder to the server's folder A, a script B that copy from computer B's folder to the server's folder B, and so forth to computer K and folder K. Then without doing anything, the script will randomly change Script A's source computer A's folder to computer C's folder and destination from folder A to folder C.


This is after taking a break after 5 mins. I realized other scripts randomly changes sources and destinations as well. This makes the scripts completely unreliable.


Please provide a solution.

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It's merely for redundancy. I copy files to the server, then each user is on Backup. For restoration, it's faster than having to go thru the backups.


So I tested further with the copy and deleted all scripts, all clients and all favorites. Redid all scripts (painfully), with the default rule ALL. Everything seems to be ok. Today, I changed the rule to a customized rule (no files over 25 MB) for the backups scripts, and checked all other scripts. The 18th script got corrupted, with the wrong client and server destination folder again. Deleted it. The 19th script is now the 18th script, and also got corrupted soon after.


I'm not sure if the Rules are causing it, but this is getting really frustrating to work with.




Why do you use "Copy" instead of "Backup"?


EDIT: The reason I'm asking is that a "backup" has several advantages over a "copy".

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I realized other scripts randomly changes sources and destinations as well.

Your scripts, rules, source lists, etc. are all kept in a file called Config80.dat, located at /Library/Application Support/Retrospect. Many users including me have reported that in Retrospect 8.2 this file can change on its own without any obvious reason. That being said, we have found that a flawed installation of the Console and/or Engine can cause random corruption of this file. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Engine and Console may help, as may starting with a fresh Config80 file (with the Engine stopped, drag both the current Config80.dat and Config80.bak to the desktop to try this).


We maintain backup copies of Config80.dat so we can revert back to a known good version if the current version gets hosed. Happily, it's been months since we've needed to do this.


Let's hope that the promised update fixes this bug (or bugs).

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