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Retrospect Server 6.1.126 With Exabyte Vxa320

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I just got my firewire VXA-320 Packet Tape Drive out of the box, inserted brand new tapes. I just installed and am running Retrospect Server 6.1.126 on Mac OS X Server 10.6.8.


I created my very first automated script, selected 16 volumes (on my Xserve RAID mounted on my server) and used DES encryption. I want to "Save and Run" my script just for an initial backup. It starts just fine, backs up all the files in the first volumes and always gets stuck at the second volume with a "Catalog Out Of Sync with backup set "Backup Set A". Select Tools>Repair>Update Existing from the Directory." message.


So I go ahead and use this feature (Tools>Repair>Update Existing from the Directory) and run the script again just to get the same "Catalog Out Of Sync..." message again.


So I go ahead and use this feature again. This time I try a Recycle Backup and get the same "Catalog Out Of Sync..." message again.


I did quite a lot of troubleshooting a ran diagnostics on the tape drive unit, the tapes, interface tests, but the hardware seems to be fine.


This is very frustrating, and I was wondering if anybody has some feedback or suggestions? Thank you so much in advance for any feedback.

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