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Tandberg Storage Loader Lto5 Hh - Waiting For Media

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I am running Retrospect 8.2.0 (399) Multi Server on Mac OS X 10.6.8 Server. I am attempting a script to Copy Backup from Disk to Tape to create a "Tape Set A". When I begin the process everything goes fine, until I run out of room on the first tape and it needs a second one. It doesn't switch to the next slot, it remains there ask is "waiting for media." I clicked on the "waiting for media" and selected the next slot and it does nothing. I have two issues with this. First, why wouldn't it automatically go to the next slot and continue the set? Second, I hope this isn't a situation that calls for me to purchase the Advanced Tape add-on, because Retrospect 7 Multi Server for Windows never did this.


If I have to purchase the Advanced Tape add-on, so be it, but i'd like to understand the "why" of it not working. Any thoughts?

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You should only need advanced tape support if your loader has more than one tape drive (or uses bar codes).


Are the tapes erased?

Have Retrospect scanned the slots so it "knows" which tape is where?


Yeah, I did that. See attached. I created the set and even added the members to the set. It went through and added them all to the Tape Set. But even before that, I erased them all and figured it would go to the next available drive and add it to the set automatically. Nope.

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