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Retrospect Can't Find Media Sets On A Different Usb Hub

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One of my media sets resides on a portable USB drive (so I can conveniently take it with me on holidays etc.)


The USB hub that this drive was connected to broke, so I have now connected the drive directly to one of my Mac's USB ports. The problem is that while Retrospect 'sees' this drive, it doesn't recognise it as being the same one that was formerly connected via the hub.


I know this, as under Sources, the drive appears as a 'new' source, yet the old reference to the source is still displayed also. If I use the 'Locate' option for a Media Set, I can tell Retrospect where the catalogue for the Media set is, but when it comes to running a Backup Retrospect can't find the Media set itself. It asks me to 'Choose Media' even though the disk is connected (with plenty of space on it and in the Media set, I add).


This is a right royal pain. I've tried the drive in different USB ports to no avail, and borrowed another USB hub and tried that, again without luck. It seems Retrospect identifies drives by their location on the USB device tree, not by their name/mountpoint etc.


My only option as I see it is to throw away the Media sets on the drive and re-run full backups of every machine on my network.

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Your problem stems from misunderstanding what a Media Set really is.


It's the _set_ of the Catalog file and the Member(s) used to store the backed up information.


You don't state which Type of Media Set you are using (both File and Disk work with external disk drives), but we'll assume it's a Disk Media Set unless you tell us differently.


If that's the case, the correct way to describe your setup would be some such as "One of my Disk Media Sets uses a portable USB drive to store its only Media Set Member"


Given that, Retrospect knows where the Catalog file is, but now the Catalog file has to be updated with the correct path to the Member it uses. This is done in the Members tab of the Media Sets window. Use the Pencil icon to select the correct Volume, and make sure the path then shows correctly.

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