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Incremental Backups

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I administer backups for an audio-video post-production house and am looking into using Retrospect as our backup solution. Currently, we run a full backup of our data store at the beginning of every month, followed by daily incremental backups. Full backups are maintained off-site and incremental backups are kept on-site.


I'd like Retrospect to use one media set for full backups and another for incremental changes only. In more explanation, the incremental media set should *only* contain files changed or added to the data store since the last full backup.


Is this possible?

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Is this possible?

No, it isn't.


The closest you could get is using one media set and more than one member.

First do a recycle (or new media) backup. After the backup finishes, take the members off site.

When the first "normal" backup runs, add a new member.


(A "member" is a tape for tape media sets or a hard drive for disk media sets.)


Tip: Use at least two media sets (every other month each) so you don't wipe out all your backups at the start of the month.

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