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Backup Of Hyper-V Virtual Servers

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I have got a problem when using Retrospect in combination with Hyper-V.


I have installed the Retropect client on the Virtual servers, including an Exchange 2007 server with Windows Server 2003 OS. The other servers use Windows Server 2008. The servers consist of a primary vhd for OS and a secundary vhd for data.

When Retropect backups these servers the backup proces stops sometimes (with the Exchange server always) and the server loses its connection with the network. The problem seems to occur when Retrospect tries to access the second vhd.

After restarting the Virtual server the network connection is restablished and everything works fine again (with the exception of Retropect).

Has somebody experienced the same problems ? And is there pherhaps a sollution for this problem ?


Thanks for your replies.


Kind regards,


Ron Bouwmeester

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Do your Guest OS perhaps have the Data drive configured as Dynamic.


From some research I have been doing in anticipation of a couple of my Retrospect customers moving to HyperV, it seems that using Dynamic disks in Guest OS, is not well supported and results in some issues. Primarily a requirement to shut the VM down in order to back it up, if using WIndows own Backup utility.


Given that all the disk flexibility you would need is provided in the hypervisor there should really be no disadvantage in sticking to basic disks in the VM.


Just a thought

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