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Sdlt Drive Compatibility - Help!

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Hi. I'm recreating a 5 year old environment (Retro 6.1 I figure) to restore some ancient SDLT tapesets.

I've rebuilt a G5, found drivers for the adaptec 29160 SCSI card, and connected a hulking great Compaq series 3306 110/220 Gb SDLT drive.

When I set this up way back when I'm sure there were tape drive compatibility issues and I don't think this was the model we used to write the tapes - the original seems to have disappeared in an office move. So I've got all the parts but the sods don't talk to each other. ANY suggestions appreciated - thanks.

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10.4.latest. I'm waiting for an old SCSI disk to arrive from ebay to test the card. If necessary I'll drop back to 10.3 if the G5 supports it - and Retrospect. Do you have any thoughts about teh compatibility of that tape drive? It doesn't appear on any list I can find, but then again I can't find any mention of SDLT *anywhere* in relation to Retro 6.x - spooky.

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