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I am a DJ and I have not DJed for over 2 years. Thus, I only noticed recently that part of my music collection is missing and probably has been missing for a while. I could not find it in Time Machine so I got some Retrospect backup discs from 2007 and fired up Retrospect 6.1 with driver update 6.1. To my amazement the program actually opened. I am running a current Mac with OX 10.6). Everything seemed fine and I could view the catalogues of the old backups (stored on my hard drive) and I found the missing music. Relieved, I popped in one of the DVD-R DL RW backup discs Restrospect prompted me for but it gave me an error saying my internal drive needs to be configured. I tried. Many times. I went out bought several kinds of media and tried again but "Retrospect was unable to configure my drive". So I tried my wife's Macbook, installed Retrospect and, amazingly, it recognized the internal drive. Unfortunately the drive could not read the media. So I bought and old Powerbook on Ebay running 10.4, installed Retrospect and again, it's drive could not read the disc. So I bought an external Multidrive and tried for Retrospect to configure it on all 3 computers. No luck. Maybe the discs are bad since they dont even show up in disk utility, but all 20 discs of a backup? I am distraught. I need this very precious music back. Any help how to do a one time restore (won't be using Retrospect after that) are greatly appreciated.

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First of all: Retrospect uses a technology called "packet writing" when burning discs. Most (all?) other applications use "disc-at-once". That's why Disk Utility won't read the discs (since Disk Utility expects the discs to be "disc-at-once").


You did the right thing: Getting an older Mac, since Retrospect 6 isn't supported on Mac OS X 10.6.


Go to this page:


Download Retrospect 6.1.230 and Driver update and install them on the old Mac.


If that doesn't help, you may need to buy a used DVD burner/reader that is compatible with Retro 6.1. (There should be a compatibility list somewhere, but I haven't found it, and I didn't try very hard to be honest :) )

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