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Shut Down Of Selective Clients

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Does anyone understand how to tell Retrospect 7.7 (I have version .562) single server for Windows Server to shut down individual clients. I use 7.7 to backup the Server and multiple other clients to a NAS. I don't want to set the Configure|Preferences|Execution|Startup| Shut down tick box, because I think it will shut down the server, which can't be shut down after a back up or our operation will grind to a halt. I just want certain Windows PCs running the 7.7 client to shutdown after backup.


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This feature is only to shut down the RS server, not the client machines. It's a shame really, 'the community' have been asking for these features fo years as they used to be present in the old MAC version, but were removed. Also, within the client settings there is a Wake-On-LAN option which also was a 'development mistake' in the GUI.


In this day and age, with IT teams having to consider energy costs with total cost of ownership of a solution, Roxio really need to impliment power options again. It'd save us a forture!



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