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selectors not working as expected in scheduled script

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The name of the data folders I want to duplicate in a scheduled job start with the word "my". For selectors, I include folders where name like my* and here are the exclude conditions:


Windows is Documents

or Windows is Program Files

or Windows is Application Data

or Windows path matches c:\Windows

or Windows path matches c:\Documents


After the duplicate operation, I am surprised to see that the 14 files from the following folders have been duplicated:


C:\Documents and Settings



Why are these files being duplicated when I have the above selectors specified?

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when you wrote the selector, did you use the 'Blue Check' to Check Selector? without doing this, you really can't be sure what is going to happen. i use Selectors all the time and use it even when i change something small.


one thing to note is that the Selectors don't use Wildcards, so putting '*' or any of your typical Wildcards simply won't work. i believe there have been feature requests on this, but i'm sure more could be added.


Selectors are tricky beasts, and IMHO the most difficult aspect of Retrospect to learn.

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Curiously, when I run the blue checker, it shows exactly the files I specify in the selectors. However, when the job actually executes, it selects many more files, including program and windows folders.


I'm very confused.


Are there any dantz/emc employees monitoring these forums? Is this a program bug?

I'm running 6.5 Professional

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hi p,


did you go to 'Configure->Selectors' and create a new Selector, or was this created in some other way? typically, i'll go in there and create a new Selector, let's call it 'My Selector' and then use it for multiple jobs after i've checked it with the blue checker.


i've been using Retrospect for quite a while now and did not hear of a Selector bug in 6.5. in fact i don't think there has been much if any change to selectors since v6.0. however, if you are convinced you've found one i encourage you to call EMC Technical support. they will refund your incident if you really have found a bug. i would caution you to be diligent in your testing and be ready to provide the exact steps necessary to reproduce your bug before calling in.


if you'd like i'm willing to look over your selector if you can post it somewhere, or you could post here what it looks like (hopefully it's not too long), but you sound a bit defeated, so i understand if you'd rather just call EMC.

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