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Tape Full?

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I inherited retrospect from another consultant whose client i took over. I'm still learning it, so here's a question:


We are using Restrospect 7.0 for SBS


Our nightly backups have been going along fine, but recently, retrospect has been asking for a second tape. Apparently our file volume has increased to the point of exceeding the tape capacity. I went through the server and was able to delete TONS of useless and outdated files, and I am sure that everything should now fit on a single tape. However, it still keeps asking for that second tape.


So, the question is, how can I "reset" Retrospect to go back to backing up on that single tap that we change out weekly?



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Which 7.0 are you using? Which Driver Update are you using? (Launch Retrospect and look in the log to find out.)


Anyway, if you are using "Normal" backups, Retrospect just keeps adding onto the backup set (in your case: Adding onto tapes.)


If you do "Recycle" or "New Backup Set" backups, the tapes should be erased and reused.


What kind of tapes do you use? Tape device? How is it connected?

How much data is backed up? (See the log)

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