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Tape Issue- Retrospect not reading media properly

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Hi Anyone,


I am running Retrospect 6.1.2 on MAC OSX 10.4.3 Server with a Quantum DLT VS80 AutoLoader attached to it. The problem I am facing is when I need to interchange tapes due to current ones being full. When I am running a backup and a new blank tape is inserted, Retrospect refers to the new tape as the old one which was just removed from the slot.


Eg. When a tape in slot 1 is called 1-Data2005 and fills up I remove it and place a fresh new tape into the drive. The new tape is then displayed as 1-Data2005 in Slot 1 but has (Erased) displayed to the side.


I have tried the following:


- Restart server

- Update autoloader directory

- Attempt several device scans


Nothing seems to fix this issue? Any ideas?




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