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Anyone using Kaspersky anti-virus?


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After installing a trial version of Kasperpsky anti-virus the size of my typical nightly backups went from about 2000 files and 500 Mb to 20000 files and 2.1 Gb. I was wondering if anyone else was using KAV and whether or not you were having a problem like this? Files that hadn't been modified in years were getting backed up every night. Looking at session contents and manual backup previews, Retrospect seemed to think (at least for some of these files) that the archive bit was set but it wasn't. I've uninstalled KAV and it looks like I'm back to the several hundred Mb scenario. I was wondering if the Alternate Data Streams used by KAV might be causing a problem with Retrospect; if it weren't for the backup problems I would switch permanently to KAV. I'm using Retrospect 7.5 on a Windows 2000 system with NTFS disks.




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