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Linux client hangs up after server has logged in


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Hi we have a following problem with Retrospect Server v6 for Mac OS X:


When trying to connect to a linux client through internet the server finds the linux client but hangs up after that -> gives the "Net Retry"-window. And after that says: "Couldn´t access client volumes, error 519 (network communication failed)"


Retrospect.log at the client machine says:

1140159001: Connection established by 193.64.*.*:51230

1140159001: ConnReadData: Connection with 193.64.*.*:51230 was reset

1140159001: Connection established by 193.64.*.*:51231


The Linux firewall is accepting connections to port 497 (TCP/UDP).


Can you give me any ideas where the problem might be?

This is kind of a urgent issue, help would be appriciated..


RetroSpect Server v6.0.204

OS: Mac OS X Server v10.3.9

Linux RedHat (i don´t know the OS version), Client v7.5.111

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hi appel,


was this working before? did the problem start when you upgraded to the 7.5 client? if you can find the RedHat version, that would be a help.


also, if you can get into the client, what is the state of the client after this happens? i've seen something similar on a Fedora machine, so if it's Fedora say that loud and clear.

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I asked for the RH version from the company that hosts the server.

This hasn´t worked before, we are just building this server as off-site imageserver for our customers, so we have to make the backups through internet.


the last log mark in the /var/log/retroclient.log is always "Connection established by 193.64.*.*" but the server just shows the Net retry -window.

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ah, more than likely that is the problem.


Fedora is not supported. i've seen people get it to work, but it takes some doing. you may not get the client to auto start, but you might get it to work better by unsetting the environment variable '$RETROSPECT_HOME'.


there is some fundamental difference (that no one seems to be able to tell me) between Red Hat and Fedora (besides the fact that you have to pay for one) but i have no idea what that is. the usersguide from Retrospect is pretty explicit about the Linux versions that are supported.

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