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Scripted Install of Retrospect Client on Multiple machines


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Hi. I have Retro 6.5 unlimited user edition etc.

I would like to roll this out to 500 clients. As such, is there a supported method for some sort of scripted install etc? The only way I see to roll it out to clients without their intervention, is to setup the installer using some sort of MSI builder.


Perhaps EMC/Dantz have a method already? I need the client to install (including the password information) on a clients machine, in such a way that the client doesnt have any user input (Yes I could use MS SMS, but we haven't rolled that out at this site at present ).


Any help appreciated.



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I think you need Retrospect 7.5 to do that, but don't take my word for it.




EDIT: Yep, I was right:




"Powerful deployment of the Retrospect Client for Windows. The client software can easily be deployed to Windows-based computers using Microsoft SMS, Active Directory Group Policy, or other software distribution tools."

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There is no easy way to install retrospect 7.0 and prior to clients. Version

7.5 fixes this. Having been a tester I can say that this feature alone is

worth the upgrade price. We tried making MSI's ourselves several times

and they never worked correctly. The new version is secure and works

quite well.



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