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error trying to install windows client

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I have been having a problem trying to install the windows client en_7_0_107 on a machine running windows XP SP2. I get messages saying Internal failure, Error Number: 0x80040707.

This happens before the installer has finished extracting itself and you agree to the eula etc. If you click through and try to continue the eula is blank and the program complains that the password must be more than 4 characters long.

You cannot just quit from the installer and must kill it in task manager.

I have tried this with an earlier version of the client and got the same result, I have also installed the client on other machines since and had no problems.

I have seen a lot of different reports of installers for different applications having this problem but no answers to the problem, does anyone here have any ideas?


Thanks in advance



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I've never had to disable an antivirus program when installing the Retroclient, but sometimes I do have to restart the machine before it will install (I'm not entirely sure why, it just won't install after being unzipped or even after the files have been transfered from a file server). My only other suggestion would be to make sure that the unzip utility is closed completely as it might still have a hold on one of the files for some odd reason. I know that both of these issues have held me up before.

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