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What version of Express do I have?? W/ Maxtor One touch II


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Hi all,


Just did my first backup with my new 300Gb Maxtor One Touch II and have to say Im impressed. 6.5 gb backed up in less than 30min.


Question: Where can I find the version of Express HD Im using?? I go to the "About Express" in the systray and it says ver. 1.0.196. But when I try and look for a user manual on this site I dont see any ver numbers like that.


Maxtor's idea of a "user manual" for Dantz is a one page .pdf that shows someone clicking on the ? at the Dantz backup menu.


Oh and another question (which is why I was looking for a detailed user manual)... with my first backup, I went and looked on the Maxtor drive and it shows 2 restore points. One is the REAL backup I assume (C:) at 6.5gb, and the other is E: (8kb or somthing small like that) .


why does it show TWO restore points, when I have only done one.....


Thanks ALL


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