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While running on an iMac 500, 320 MB Ram, OSX 10.1.4 Retrospect Server 5.0.203, running in Backup Server mode, of 4 OSX clients, backing up to a file on Firewire HD every once in a while Retrospect will quit on me reporting the following error message.




Trouble in Retrospect Internal Consistency check failed. Assertion check at elem.c 822 (NOT 812!!!)




When I reboot the machine all is well - as far as I can tell. What gives?

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First, you should update to the most recent release, 5.0.205.




Secondly, can you provide more details on this error? When during the backup does this occur? Is it reproducible? How often?

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Hi Irena,




I just found this thread by doing a search on 822 which I just ran into again.




We are running 5.0.205 on 10.1.5. This particular machine only runs in backup server mode, it does no other scripts. Looks like this error happens just as it decides a client needs to be backed up. What I don't know is if it's related to a *particular* client. But the client it choked on this time has been successfully backed up before...




I had this error with increasing frequency about a month ago. Just for fun, I nuked Retro Server from this machine entirely and reinstalled and set it up again (the backup scripts are very simple so it wasn't really a pain).




But now this problem just happened again.








G4 QS with 512mb


Adaptec 39160 with a Seagate sidewinder 200 hung from it. (39160 has the original apple drivers, not the new Adaptec ones that screw everything up).


23 clients.


Intermapper also runs on this machine




Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




Mark Maytum


Pompanoosuc Mills Corporation

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You may want to set up backup scripts, not backup server scripts, if you are having trouble pinpointing what clients are causing this.




How many backup sets are you working with? Do the crashes seem to be related to one set or are all affected? Did you recreate these when you started fresh with Retrospect?

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