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Access Denied to OS disc...

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I'm having my first problem with Retrospect (Single Server 7, updated to newest) this morning. I can't create any disaster recovery discs. When I get to the point where I'm asked to insert my OS disc, I do, and Retro seems to see it (displays G:/I386/). Then I hit next and Retro asks for the disc again. I hit "OK" and agian it doesn't see the disc. So I try and browse for the I386 folder per the instructions. "Access Denied" to the DVD/CD drive, so I can't browse. So I jump out of Retro and access the disc with explorer no problem. Back into Retro and again "Access Denied". I have search for the "txtsetup.sif" file on the machine and it isn't in the I386 folder on the hard drive. So why is Retrospect cutting off access to the DVD/CD? What should I try next so I can create my needed disaster recovery discs?


Note: I installed Retrospect last week and this is my first attempt to create the DR discs.

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