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error -557

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I am having a problem backing up my exchange server. I am using version 6.5.350 on the server and the client version 6.5.136. I have all the rights on the exchange server necessary to perform a backup.


Everytime I try to perform a backup on the storage group I get the error message:

Trouble reading files, error -557 (transaction already completed)


I haven't done a backup on this server yet.


So, far I've tried unlicensing and relicensing the exchange client and adding and removing the client from the backup server.


Thanks for anyhelp in advance.

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What operating systems are the Retrospect backup machine and the client running? And what version of Exchange is it running? Are you getting these errors when backing up the storage groups or the mailboxes? If it's when attempting to back up the storage group, are you able to back up individual mailboxes?

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I am using Windows Server 2000 SP4 with Exchange 2000 SP3 on the client side. The backup machine is also W2K Server 2000 SP4. I get the error when trying to back up the storage group. I can back up individual mailboxes, interestingly enough.

Thanks for your response smile.gif.

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Did you do any upgrades of this Exchange server besides just the service packs? Maybe upgrading from Standard to Enterprise or possibly updating from an older version of Exchange?


Were you previously able to back up the storage groups or have you always received the -557 error when trying to run backups?

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