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ntpd not keeping correct time on a Client

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My MacOS 10.1.4 laptop is not keeping time correctly and I think it is because I of a setting I had set in retrospect workgroup.




I updated my macOS 9 retrospect server with the beta months back to allow me to back-up my MacOS10 laptop *however* the settings on my server allowed it to synchronize the clock on the laptop. The server, not running ntpd, was off by about a minute or so and would force he MacOS10 machine to an incorrect time. I would reset the laptop's time and finally I removed the setting from the workgroup server so it would no longer synchronize times. Since then, however, the OS10 machine's time continues to drift from the correct time and I must manually reset the clock even though ntpd is running. I looked inside the ntp.drift file and saw the value 0.000 whereas on my other OS10 machine that keeps correct time and which never had its clock reset by retrospect has 43.349 in the ntp.drift file.




I am trying to fix the problem. I have deleted the ntp.drift file, reset the clock and am hoping that ntpd will eventually create a new ntp.drift file. I did not find much on the Internet but used the file http://www.tldp.org/LDP/LG/issue37/tag/22.html as a reference.




Other suggestions?






drifting through time

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Current version of ntpd do not cope with your network settings changing, say connecting to the work network at work, and then dialing up over ppp at home. (i.e. Nothing to do with Retrospect!)




Click Set Time Now in:


System Preference > Date & Time > Network Time


when you are going to be connected for a while, and the drift file might get initialised sensibly sometime later.

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