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Custom device config confusion

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Background info...

I recently bought a used firewire LaCie 9.4gig DVD-RAM external drive, and was hoping to use this with an upgraded Mac (mirrored door job), which I'm buying this week. Now this is all fine and dandy, but when it came to setting up the DVD-RAM drive with Retrospect (v5.1, OS X 10.3x), that's when the confusion set in. The custom config for the drive came up with the usual message about setting up this drive and using the media you INTEND to use as backups eg. "CD/DVD", however the next message asked for a CD-RW? Eh! I thought, this isn't right, the drive will only accept DVD-R or DVD-RAM (any type)! Anyhow, put CD-RW in drive, and as expected, 2 mins later it failed. So I put a DVD-RAM 9.4gig disk in, and 2 hrs later, Retrospect unexpectedly quit! Great!!!


So it dawned on me, use DVD-R... I put a disk in the Lacie drive, and 15mins later, it was configured. grin.gif


What I don't understand is what's with the confusing messages telling you what to do?

Why in hell didn't Retrospect ask for the correct disk type in the first place?


And the help files wasn't any help what's so ever! Arrrggghh! mad.gif

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ARRRGGHH! More problems...


Now the 9.4gig drive is not being recognised, however I tried Retro 5.1 in OS 9 (not classic mode) and it works flawlessly. This is OK for doing a full backup, which I intend to use for backing up my data and system setup, to restore to the new Mac.


Anyone been able to use a Matshita DVD-RAM (in a Lacie external unit) firewire drive with Retrospect 5.1 or 6.0 with the latest driver updates?


Looks like I'm going to have to use the Mac's CD-RW drive until this is rectified by Dantz. mad.gif

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Good news...


It's working now (fingers crossed), as in, I can use DVD-RAM 9.4Gig disks as my primary backup media. The thing is, I didn't do a thing to get it to work!! doh.gif


I hope to god it stays that way when I start using Retrospect Desktop 6 (just bought the upgrade), instead of v5.1.

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