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Retrospect wants to backup over the Internet

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We have two machines running Retrospect 5.1. Both are OS 9 machines. They are connected to each other via a 10/100 switch and that switch is connected to a DSL line. Both machines have gigabit Ethernet cards. One machine is running the server and backs up both machines to a CD-R.


When the DSL modem is not attached to the switch the remote machine backs up very quickly. However, once TCP/IP is loaded and they both get an IP address from the DSL modem then the remote machine backs up very slowly (we're talking 7 hours to back up 100 MB of data) and usually times out before it finishes its backup.


Is there any way in Retrospect to force it to just talk locally through the switch instead of trying to backup via the their IP's, which forces everything through the DSL line at 512K instead of 100 Mb? Currently we have to unplug the modem from the switch and reboot both machines before we go home in order to have a successful backup.


Just for background information this was also happening with a 10 Mb Ethernet hub. We moved up to the switch in hopes of isolating the DSL line from the backup but no joy.



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