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Debian package for the Retrospect client for Linux

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I have built a 64-bit .DEB package, which has worked just fine so far on two ubuntu machines, if anyone wants it.


Yes please!


I fudged one together that worked on my Ubuntu 10.04 build a few years ago, but since upgrading to 12.04, it's no dice.

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Working on building for Ubuntu 12.04 also.  Installed the i386 libs and edited debian control, but I'm getting this output from debian/rules

find . -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -not -name debian -print0 | \
		xargs -0 -r -i cp -a {} debian/retroclient
dpkg-gencontrol: error: must specify package since control info has many ()
dh_gencontrol: dpkg-gencontrol -ldebian/changelog -Tdebian/retroclient.substvars -Pdebian/retroclient returned exit code 255
make: *** [binary-arch] Error 25

Any pointers from those who have succeeded?

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Well, I re-did it on a different Ubuntu 12.04 system and it worked!

alien retroclient-75_linux.rpm

Warning: Skipping conversion of scripts in package retroclient: postinst postrm preinst prerm

Warning: Use the --scripts parameter to include the scripts.

retroclient-75_linux.rpm is for architecture i386 ; the package cannot be built on this system


Does not work for me. How did you get past alien


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I have it on a number of Debian machines. I manually pulled the files from the package and created (well adapted another) init file. You also have to install 32 bit libraries on a 64 bit system.


It makes a mockery of the claim to support Linux clients when really they don't - providing a couple of out of date installers that don't support the majority of installations doesn't really count IMO. There's no excuse (other than "can't be a**ed") for not providing 32 and 64 bit clients in both RPM and DEB formats which would cover the majority of current Linux systems.

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