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I have no idea

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Retrospec seems to think nothing is wrong. Its like a lazy child. I told it to backup exchange on Saturday Night. I am looking at the logs and the performance says 0 and the elapsed time says 0, there is no detailed log like usual, there is no errors, how could there be no errors if a backup did not happen, the program should be SCREAMING at me.


What could possibly make the software develop a brain for itself and decide just not to do anything? I am confused, it worked last week and I have not changed a thing in the scripts since then. The backup schedueld before and the backup scheduled after both ran as usual, it just skipped over the exchange backup!?!


I want to make sure Retrospec understands the importance of these backups, not just does them as it feels and does not care if one does not run. How can I set it up that way?

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Seriously, its blank, thats why I am baffled, I wish I had an error to give you, no errors at all. When you double click the job in history you get absolutely nothing.


I would also like to add that there is nothing about it in events.

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