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Removed a mailbox

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I removed a mailbox from our exchange server, and now I get the message below each time I run our backup. The error indicates that if the mailbox has been removed that this is normal. Is it possible to prevent this message from appearing each time? I have already tried to release and re-add our exchange license but this did not prevent the message from appearing. The only other thing I can think of is the message is appearing because of our deleted items retention policy, and will go away after 30 days.


1/19/2009 12:50:33 PM: Copying "User Name" Retrospect error code error -3407 (unexpected provider error)Reported by function mlocScan

Mailbox provider error. There is a problem connecting to the mailbox.

Check:1. Microsoft Exchange may not be running.

2. The mailbox may not exist. If the mailbox has been deleted, this is normal.

3. The mailbox store for this mailbox may not be mounted.

Check its status in the Exchange manager.

Scanning incomplete, error -3407 (unexpected provider error)


We are on version 7.6.123 of Retro with driver update and hot fix version Single Server license with Exchange Server add-on


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Thanks for the quick response. Does this seem like the correct steps: From Retro go to Automate, manage scripts, highlight script, click edit, click sources, highlight exchange mailboxes, select remove, exchange mailboxes, then select add, and instead of adding back the exchange mailboxes, add them on an individual basis. The person who I removed is still visible when I select add.

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