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Mac Systems

OSX Server 10.10.5 Mac Pro with Retrospect Server unlimited 9.0.2

MacBook Pro 10.10.5 with Retrospect Client


I have Installed and Uninstall Clients until I am blue in the face :-(

I never get the opportunity after an install to set the password ...


I have used the Uninstall Script to remove the Client each time.

I have rebooted too..


I have reset the password using CMD-Click on Retrospect in System Prefs to get to the Advanced TAB in the Retrospect Sys Prefs, and reset the password .. to no avail.


It will not match the password on the Server to the Client


I attached a ScreenShot to illustrate.


Thanks for your help and suggestions :-)


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Find the retroclient.state file in Root/Library/preferences and delete it. Then reinstall the retrospect client. That should trigger the request for the password. This file is not removed during an uninstall and contains the password.

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