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-3405 Errors during backup of Exchange 2003

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Hi Everyone, ( * Someone Please Help - Even if to say it's not a big issue * )


I am having an issues during my backups that is really concerning me.



File "\Sent Items\0000000008dde0ab19a941408a53a93d65ed413a070062325b942f49c04ba480461b642a44a8000000003e4e00008400081ee10acd43a4e41ff579b16b7900000013c3510000": can't read, error -3405 ( unknown)


The errors are localized to a few accounts, but there is a ton of them. At a bare min there is 15,000 of them per backup run of exchange.


If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.





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reply from retrospect agent


Agent Response:

Hi Mark,


The -3405 error during mailbox backups is a bug, we plan on having a fix for that in the next update to version 8 which is planned for Q1.

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