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MacPro Xeon - 10.4.7 Server - Retrospect 6.1 Server crashes every time

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Sorry to say that Apple has not yet fixed the issue. They are still working on it.


Don't forget about the temporary workaround, if you turn off ACLs on the volume, then the backup will work.

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Just to confirm, disabling ACLs on the shared volume does get around the issue.


Too bad the 10.4.8 update does not fix the issue. BTW the EFI update and the 10.4.8 update really don't like being run on a mirrored boot drive (or thats what I can track down this kernel panic to right now).

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Some users of Retrospect 6.1 with 10.4.7/10.4.8 (Universal installer)

running on Intel Mac hardware have reported a crash during the scanning phase of backups. This crash prevents the backup from running.


EMC Insignia has narrowed down the cause of this problem to a bug in the Mac OS 10.4.7 and 10.4.8 on Intel Macs that have ACLs enabled on the source disk being backed up. Apple is currently working to resolve this bug which will require an update to the operating system to fix.


To help workaround this bug in the operating system, EMC Insignia has

developed a special version of Retrospect 6.1 with the ACL backup

functionality disabled, allowing for successful backups. This special

version of Retrospect is only needed if you have the following



1) 10.4.7 Server or 10.4.8 Server for Intel Macintosh hardware. Server

Operating Systems have ACLs turned on by default, which will result in

the crash described above.


2) 10.4.7 or 10.4.8 Workstation (Universal Binary) on an Intel Mac with

ACLs turned on. If you have not specifically formatted your disk with

ACLs turned on, then you do NOT need this special update.


3) You are experiencing a crash of Retrospect during the scanning phase

of a local or client backup with the above configurations.


This problem does NOT happen when the source is using a PowerPC

processor, even if they are using 10.4.7/10.4.8.


Registered Retrospect 6.1 customers can get a copy of this special

update to Retrospect by emailing emcinsignia_forums@emc.com. Please

include your phone number in the email. You will be called by a

technician who will confirm you are experiencing this problem. You will

then be give download directions for the Retrospect Update.

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