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"error -106" -- any thoughts ? [NFS related]

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Hello. I'm receiving this error when backing up on NFS mounted volume:


Additional error information for Disk Backup Set member "2-backup",

Can't write to file \\xxx\backup\retrospect\Retrospect\backup\2-backup\AA001714.rdb, error -1023 (already exists)

Trouble writing: "2-backup" (1195446272), error -106 (data overwrite attempt)



Do you have any solution to this ? I'm using standard Windows "Services for UNIX" to mount NFS shares.

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It would seem that for whatever reason Retrospect created AA001714.rdb and didn't add it to the catalog. I would suggest using the "Update existing catalog file" option from Tools>Repair Catalog to make Retro aware of that particular .rdb. It should then be able to append to the backup set.

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