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Can't access volume Databases on, error -1017 (insufficient permissions)

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Very frustrating situation. We have installed a VPN for a client that allows them to access their office and at the same time do a remote backup from the home computer so they don't have to swap tapes, etc. The office is on the 192.168.1.X subnet and the home is on 192.168.2.X.


To simplify the test, I have set the permissions on the share on to Everyone yet it is still asking me for a login and password when I connect to the network address (type in the UNC). If I type in the Administrator for the, it works, but it does not "memorize" this connection.


I have also tried to put a client on It runs and if I do a test, it finds it, but the search tool does not work. I am stuck at this point. Any ideas?

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I think that you should definitely go on Microsoft web site and search for a solution about VPN over there.



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